Suggesting the private care process to completely eliminate gynecological diseases, tighten and pink

Suggesting the private care process to completely eliminate gynecological diseases, tighten and pink

As a woman, you must have at least once experienced a "little girl" with a bad smell, a lot of discharge, itching, discomfort, causing loss of confidence when communicating and affecting daily activities. Moreover, if that condition persists for a long time, it can lead to serious gynecological diseases such as cervicitis, salpingitis, dryness, pain during sex or even infertility. 

But the good news is, up to 80% of gynecological diseases can be prevented by equipping yourself with a "standard" baby care process. At the same time, this process also helps "tighten" and "make pink" effectively. Let Aflex Mall equip you with the most basic but useful knowledge about intimate care. 

Rule #1: Always clean the intimate area 1-2 times a day with a specialized solution

There are many people who only clean the intimate area with water and think that it is clean enough. But the truth is not at all, due to the special structure, "the girl" is easy to accumulate bacteria and discharge, causing inflammation, odor, and itchy fungus. Therefore, the prerequisite to have a healthy "girl" is that you should clean the intimate area 1-2 times a day to deep clean, remove bad bacteria, detox and purify accumulated dirt. 

And why a specialized vaginal cleaning solution? Because I know a lot of people still have the habit of cleaning "the little girl" with water, shower gel or even soap with a high pH ... But my friend, our private area is a very very sensitive skin area. , they have a distinct vaginal pH (about 3.8 to 4.5). If you use products with a pH that is too high or too low, it will damage the intimate area, lose the pH balance, lead to the proliferation of bad bacteria and kill beneficial bacteria. 

Aflex Mall recommends Jilgyungyi feminine hygiene solution - a product that has won the "Korean industry award" for 5 consecutive years in the category of feminine hygiene solution. 


Jilgyungyi has 3 main feminine hygiene product lines:

- Pure line (pink peel): used for all skin conditions, aged 15-30, comprehensively improving the problem of odor, inflammation, itching fungus. 

- Gold series (gold case): is an updated version with more anti-aging and rejuvenating active ingredients, used for over 30s with aging, sagging, and not bright colors. 

- Enamel line (black shell): specialized for men, helps to improve odor, male disease, has a very comfortable feeling of freshness. 

Rule #2: Add mineral spray to help deodorize and antibacterial. 

Due to the fact that the body has to be active, although some people clean the private area very carefully, there is still an unpleasant odor, this is when the deodorant spray comes into play. Vaginal mineral spray is probably still a new concept in Vietnam, but in Korea, it's extremely popular. Vaginal mineral spray helps to deodorize, antibacterial, create moisture, create a natural fragrance to help increase your confidence. 

Recommended products: Antibacterial and deodorant 


gynecological mineral spray Jilgyungyi Feminine Mist Jilgyungyi Feminine Mist is a mineral spray exclusively for the private area with the effect of deodorizing, reducing dryness, increasing moisture and limiting bacteria cause inflammation. The product is very suitable for women with itching, vaginal secretions that lead to bad odors, loss of confidence when communicating. 


- Complex of 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid: the golden active ingredient helps to optimize the ability to moisturize the intimate area, creating an environment for beneficial bacteria to grow, against the phenomenon of intimate dryness. 
- Bee venom extract: helps anti-aging, rejuvenates the skin, and is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and prevents gynecological-related diseases. 
- Ylang Ylang flower essential oil: has a distinctive scent, both effective in eliminating odors and providing a luxurious lingering fragrance 
- 22 other natural extracts including (tea tree leaves, ginseng root) , silkworm bark, golden leaf, ...) have been certified to help provide nutrients to stimulate collagen and elastin fibers to form to restore firm skin, helping your intimate area to be as youthful as "baby" ".

Rule 3: Detox and deep clean once a week with gynecological tablets or "magic wands" 

Gynecological tablets are probably the most effective and fastest-acting private care therapy today, with Those who are at risk of infection, women before and after giving birth, and those with hormonal disorders should use the gynecological suppository at least once a week to reduce the damage to the vaginal mucosa. , and inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, etc., which are harmful in the intimate area.


Jilgyungyi pro vaginal comprehensive care tablet is a rare tablet on the comprehensive care market with multi-effects in one: deep cleansing, reducing vaginal discharge, inflammation, itching fungus and deodorizing to help the private area. Yours is always clean and healthy. In particular, the tablet also has the ability to tighten and lighten dark skin areas, thereby supporting pink "little girl". Currently, Aflex Mall has 2 types: 6 tablets (yellow shell) and 10 tablets (pink shell). 

Another detox option that is also loved by many women recently is the "magic wand" method. This product will be more suitable for those of you who have a dry intimate area, have experienced pain during sex, mild infection and have a bad smell and a lot of dirt. 


Jilgyungyi Inner Balance Gynecological Gynecological Gel is an absolutely safe gynecological gel, has been quality tested by the Korean Ministry of Health and does not cause irritation, the product promises to help the care of the area. Your secret is sublimated. The product has the following effects: 

- Supplementing with lactic acid bacteria to help balance 
the vaginal microflora - Balance pH, prevent the formation and growth of bacteria and viruses, reduce the risk of inflammation 
- Improve symptoms such as bad smell, discharge, white blood, itching, discomfort
- Lubricating the vagina during sex, preventing dryness 
- Magic wand rejuvenates the private area, reduces darkening, helps her pinky. 

Rule 4: Only use specialized wet wipes for the vagina 

When going to work, traveling far or going to places where there is no clean water for vaginal hygiene, many women often use ordinary tissues to clean. intimate area, This is extremely harmful because those products contain many irritating substances and are not safe for the pH of the intimate area. The solution is to always carry wet wipes made specifically for the private area. 


Jilgyungyi Feminine Tissue Light is a specialized wet towel for "girls" with the ability to deep clean, deodorize antibacterial, bring a relaxing fragrance. The product helps protect and control odors and moisture in the female intimate area.

The product contains 8 natural extracts including: lavender essential oil, lotus flower, lettuce, perilla leaf, Thien Cung, Duong Quy root, green tea, turmeric to help clean and deodorize the intimate area. Clean, fresh feeling. The towel is highly absorbent due to its three-layer fabric and the moisturizing effect of polyglutamic acid, which is very effective during menstrual days as it helps to clean the intimate area and does not leave unpleasant body odors. 
Especially convenient to use in the absence of washing water such as when going on a business trip or picnic and during menstruation.