Why do you take care of the

Why do you take care of the "y-zone" but still have a bad smell, discharge and infection?

Taking care of her seems to be simple, but many people often inadvertently miss the following basic and most important things. Let's immediately check the check list to see if you really care about "the girl" properly or not! 

1. Vaccination (HPV)

According to data reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2018, the world recorded 570,000 cases of cervical cancer. It is the most common cancer, ranking 4th in the number of new cases and 6th in the number of cancer deaths among women. Each year, the disease claims the lives of more than 300,000 women.

This is a disease that has not yet found a definitive cure, but can only be prevented through the use of vaccines. The HPV vaccine, in addition to preventing cervical cancer, also helps prevent vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer, genital warts, and anal cancer. Therefore, if you are from 9 to 26 years old, regardless of whether you have ever had sex or not, you should quickly get vaccinated to achieve the best prevention effect. 

2. Gynecological examination 1-2 times a year
Normally, women only go to gynecological examination when the body has problems such as abdominal pain, inflammation, pain and itching in the private area; or only go to the doctor when taking measures for family planning, infertility treatment... in rare cases, regular gynecological examination for prevention and early detection of related diseases.

But in fact, in adulthood and giving birth, women are at high risk for gynecological diseases. As we all know, the female genitals have a complex structure, are vulnerable, and the environment is humid, so the risk of infection and sexually transmitted diseases is easier than that of men. . Therefore, women need to perform regular gynecological examinations not only to detect related diseases early, but also to bring practical benefits to health. 

3. Change underwear every 3 months
Underwear is in direct contact with skin, more specifically skin in closed parts, for long periods of time. This causes underwear to accumulate dead skin cells as well as bacteria. Bad bacteria can cause infections, including sexually transmitted diseases. Even if your underwear is regularly washed and has a pleasant scent, bacteria and dead skin cells may still be left on it. 

Therefore, everyone should change their underwear at least once a year. For underwear that is often worn for sports activities, such as gym wear, the frequency of changing should be more frequent. 

4. Use feminine hygiene solution every day

solution feminine hygiene products are dedicated to clean private parts, it will help protect the vaginal pH, kill harmful bacteria, helping your genital area clean and fragrant. 

5. Vaginal probiotic supplements
This is a new trend to help support the treatment of vaginal infections. According to the American Medical Association, the ultimate goal of treating bacterial vaginosis is to re-establish a balance in the vaginal flora. While the use of antibiotics is considered a "double-edged sword", currently, the solution to supplement beneficial bacteria is considered the "golden key" to open a new trend in the treatment of vaginal infections. 

In the following section, Aflex Mall will suggest you suitable cleaning products and probiotics.